Thursday, September 6, 2012

Providing HANDS ON Learning

At Rockhurst we walk the talk. Not only do we discuss the importance of hands on learning with our students regarding teacher preparation, we provide it. Below you can view a series of pictures expressing exactly how we do this. In my course, Technology in the Classroom, I teach my students the pedagogy and technical skills associated with selecting and using technology in their future classrooms. This technology needs to ENHANCE not hinder student achievement. Thus, it is critical my students have the experience of holding, using, troubleshooting and becoming comfortable with a variety of technology tools.

Showing them the elements of tweaking the SMARTboard Notebook Activity and how to manipulate the images.

 Now they take over and are involved in teaching the lesson to the class.

One student uses the wireless tablet, the Airliner with the SMARTboard to provide instruction on a particular communication arts lesson. We also discussed this type of lesson, is grammar in isolation (DOL) the most effective way for continous and seamless grammar usage?

All students receive an iPad for the semester! They learn how and WHY to use this tool in the classroom. Much reflection occurs through research, readings, discussions and writing about the impact these type of devices have on diverse learners and teachers.  They are involved in lesson planning and evaluating the apps and other uses for the iPads. Then they will go out to our community partnering schools and use what they have learned throughout the semester to teach students and provide professional development to teachers.