Tuesday, September 13, 2011

What is Parse?

Welcome to my blog! Here I am, your 'parse' professor. What does parse mean? According to the brief definition, it is a technical term often used in computer science. It means to analyze an object specifically. For example, search engines will parse search phrases entered by users so they can accurately search for each word. I hope to parse tools, programs, theories, and practices to provide learners a clear explanation about a certain tool related to educational and instructional technology.

I want to inspire you to seek out which technology tools will support your life-long learning. There are many technology tools out there. How does one decide which to use? For what? When? How? Each week I will post about an area of technology. I’ll discuss some benefits and challenges. Sound good?  We live in a digital society with a digital divide. My goal for this blog is to inspire and motivate my readers to learn more about what they are using and the possibilities technology can provide. I welcome discussions, questions, thoughts, comments, etc. Become engaged and excited about how to use technology. Note; I promise not to get “too technical”.

This week’s picture is my 2 year old interacting with an app on our iPad. The iPad is not just for toddlers. For the last two semesters, all of the graduate students in my night course receive an iPad for the entire semester. While all show signs of excitement when they receive it the first night, I do see signs of apprehension. Why is this? Technology can be overwhelming. If you are feeling overwhelmed, follow my blog. Let’s grow and learn together. For example, if my two year old can figure out an iPad, so can you!

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