Tuesday, April 30, 2013

TSNT: OUT: Angry Birds and Wii. IN: CargoBot and Scratch

Try Something New Tuesday: OUT: Angry Birds and Wii. IN: CargoBot and Scratch

Seriously,  how many Angry Birds levels and cartoon theme connections can they come up with? Aren't you ready for a new a new app to take up all your time? How about gaming that will make you actually think, not just give your index finger or thumb a workout. Perhaps you have tried a few and just are not feeling excited anymore. I've got one to get your brain working. CargoBot! It's spring--out with the old, in with the new!  Sure the Wii, Xbox, etc are fun and I'm not saying to trash those, but try something different!

Programming and coding.

Stop there. No, these are not scary words.  Yes, YOU CAN PROGRAM. YOU CAN LEARN CODES. You do not have know anything about programming or coding to start using CargoBot and Scratch. Let's start here, if you have not see this cool video intro, check it out:

Scratch: If you've got an itch to try a new program on your PC, this one if for you! Pun intended. Scratch is FREE and it can be used from a basic level to an advanced level. You set the pace, you design the program, you get to be creative and have fun! No expectations on how creative you want to be, that is for you to decide. Learn more about it and download your free (and it's not a trial!) program here: http://scratch.mit.edu/.

I have been using this program with students of all ages (yes, adult learners as well). You can simply  play the videos on the website or create a game/video yourself.

Finally, Cargo Bot. This is a free app which helps you learn the early levels of programming.http://twolivesleft.com/CargoBot/.There are 36 puzzles with different levels of expertise. Basically, you are programming a robot to move boxes. Which is great-who likes to move boxes themselves!? The puzzles are clever and they keep your mind engaged as you find ways to make the robot accomplish tasks you program it to do.

Out with the old, in with the new...isn't that what technology is all about?

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