Monday, May 12, 2014

Moms Are Somebody's Hero, Here's More Power To Them

On most days, right?

Did you know?
  • there are 2 billion moms in the world
  • 4 babies are born every second
  • 72% of moms work (vs 39% back in 1976)
  • preschoolers require mom's attention 210 times a day
  • least favorite chore of moms: vacuuming steps
  • most common multi-tasking bathroom activity: reading
  • stay at home moms would make about $114,000 a year (based on salaries of being a cab driver, doing laundry, cooking, cleaning, psychologist, day care teacher)

Since mommies are busy people, I will make this brief! Check out my four favorite free apps to help your life be more organized and manageable. They may even give you super powers. 

Just stick it in your  "Pocket".

  • Pocket: Have a list of articles you are dying to read or videos you want to watch but can't remember where the links are? Look no further! This amazing app lets you organize all those interesting articles and videos into categories then stores them for you to read and view when you have time. Genius, easy and free!
Discover YOUR America.

  • Roadtrippers: Planning a trip in the US, use Roadtrippers. It's currently the fastest growing planning site. Find a wide variety of places with contact info and pics, plan and sync itineraries, make bucket lists and use it as a GPS system. Who knew searching for a new destination could be fun, free and so easy? Maybe they will come up with a feature to turn off the sound, "Mom, are we there yet?"
On the Go? They know.

  • eMeals: I'm pretty sure my family is sick of my cooking. I'm sick of my cooking. But we need to eat, so why not spice up the family meal time with new recipes? You can choose by family serving sizes, food style (kid-friendly, gluten free, classic eating, low carb, simple gourmet....the list goes on). Then it plans your whole week for you. It shows if there is prep time, includes ingredients and  instructions, calories per serving. You can email any of the recipes out. It also gives you a detailed grocery list with weekly savings at select nearby grocery stores! Very simple and solves searching for new recipes over and over.
Everyone loves a great movie.

  • Animoto: Want to make a memorable video of pics or footage without having to write a Hollywood script or produce like Jerry Bruckheimer? Look no further. Easy, intuitive and it has all the essentials for creating any type of video. You can share it through an email link or store it and watch it at your own leisure.The app and website include a library of great tunes, or you can use your own. There are many different background templates to choose from  which add that extra flair. It's has everything you need to be creative, so the pressure is off you!

Thank you to all the moms out there who give their amazing talents and supernatural love.

A little country tune: "a hero to her baby with the skinned knee...a keeper of cheerios..."


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