Monday, August 11, 2014

Back To School: Stop Complaining!

You can't play hooky on the first day of school.

Why do we make kids go to school? How awful, right? I mean, it's the law, so kids have to go. But, the more parents keep telling their child how sad they are that school is starting again, the more likely the child will....well...hate going to school. 

Is that what you want?


So, stop it.

I keep seeing posts and hearing some parents talk about what a big bummer it is that their child has to go back to school so soon. While it is perfectly understandable to experience negative feelings about our summer's end, we need to stay positive about the fact that our kids get to go back to learning and growing as individuals.

I think sometimes our society takes for granted that we live in a country which provides education for our children. Here are some quick facts which I hope will have a positive light on why we should be happy our children get to go back to school

1. There are approximately 121 million children worldwide without access to education.
2. Data shows children in India and China go to school 25-30% longer than children in the US.
3. All brains do not develop at the same rate which is why it is important to expose children to a variety of activities, which schools offer.
4. Three main reasons children attend school are to: gain social skills, qualify for jobs and learn other viewpoints
5. Schools that encourage risk-taking help children make mistakes and learn from them, which gives their self-esteem gets a boost!

Remember, it's all in the way you phrase it.  A school is the facility where our children learn and grow. Promoting the love of learning is going to be more successful than the promotion of the institution.

Here are some ways you can encourage your kids to love learning:
  • Good mornin': The school day starts as soon as they get up and at 'em. Mornings can be so hectic. Make that car ride to school or quick pep talk before they head out the door count!
  • Team up: It's really a team effort. Building relationships with their teachers is beyond crucial. You may not see eye to eye with all their teachers, but the more positive you can keep that partnership the better off your child's school experience will be.
  • Open up: Sometimes it's difficult to get our kids to talk about their school day. Plus, every child communicates in different ways. The dinner table may work for some, but others may prefer to talk about their day over shooting baskets or reading a book together. You know your child better than anyone. Try to find a special moment frequently.
  • Extend it out: As we all know, the school day doesn't end at the last bell, so extend their day into something they enjoy doing or an activity they look forward to now and then. Between clubs, practices, appointments and other commitments, our kiddos get over-scheduled...quick! Let them choose, as often as they can, what they want to do to take a break from the structured school day they have had.
  • Good night!  EVERYONE needs a good night's sleep. Technology/electronics should be closed out an hour or two before bedtime.Encourage your kids to veg out, read or just relax at least an hour before lights out.

A new year of learning, a new year of growth...a new year of fun! 
It starts at home, as it should. 
So cheer your kids on, encourage them to love to learn and enjoy watching them do it!

Having a hard time motivating a child to go to school...just twist and shout!

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