Monday, October 20, 2014

Royals and the World Series 2014! What Are The Odds?

We are ready! Got Goggles?

Here we come! Sweeping in like Royals do. This didn't just happen because of luck. Hard work and a lot of math shows how we have made it this far....

Just so you know, the Giants have been in 8 playoffs and 4 World Series since 1985 (Royals are zero to zero there).

Nonetheless, we are on a roll! Some of my favorite players, their stats and interesting facts:

Cain is Able
Lorenzo Cain. Will he earn his Gold Glove? We are all rooting for him. This amazing athlete has attracted much attention for his center and right field catches, but nothing holds a candle to this perseverance though it all. He didn't even begin playing baseball until his junior year in High School (!?) and yet he has proven time and time again this season that he has what it takes. He's known for hitting with the wood and catching with the leather. Not only is he an exceptional outfielder but he is ranked #14 in batting average of .353.

Perez Says
Salvador Perez. Can he catch or what? He's got a strong arm. This boy is 1 for 15 in the ALCS and 4 of 34 for the post season which makes him a candidate for the World Series MVP. According to Baseball Reference, compared to the 26% of would be base thieves, Perez has thrown out 33%. In the fantasy football world, he is ranked fifth most valued players among catchers. Fun fact, he has a thing for Victoria Secret perfume, he explains it brings him good luck. I'm not sure what the stats are on that?

Mike Moustakas. A fellow southpaw, bats left but throws right, this third baseman has lit the stadium up with four playoff homers in the post season. How about that monumental diving catch? Yep, you don't see that everyday. In fact, Moose is known for being one of the two highest high school picks  since the 1965 draft (the other was Matt Dominguez/Astros). His game has stepped up since the post season games (coming back from Triple A).  He was quoted as saying, in 2012, "It's a crazy game, there's numbers for everything, there's a lot of stuff we can't explain as players."

Butler Serves
Billy Butler. Who doesn't love Billy Boy? This 240 pound champion stole second base in Game 3 after not taking the leap since 2012 when he went 2 for 3.  Cain expressed his excitement by saying, "When Billy Butler steals a base, you know it's your night." He instantly became everyone's DH favorite. What can you expect from Billy in the World Series? Well, we might lose one of our more accomplished hitters for three games to pinch hitting according to some sources. Let's hope Billy can pull out a homer, a steal or a big hit!

Hot Hosmer
Eric Hosmer. He's on fire. This South Miami native always has a smile and enjoys celebrating. If you remember, he was on the disabled list for a month with a fractured right hand, but that hasn't kept him from coming back and leaving his mark.  Only 11 other American League players have hit more doubles than Hosmer. He won a Gold Glove in 2013 and currently has a batting average of .448. He's double his line drive rate from 16. 9% to 31.3 % . Will he be our next George Brett

Noteworthy mention: Players above who weren't even born in 1985: Lorenzo Cain (1986), Salvador Perez (1990), Mike Moustakas (1988), Billy Butler (1986), Eric Hosmer (1989). Yep-All of them! No playoff experience...but times have changed.

BIG TIP: At the beginning only 10 teams were given a worse chance than the Royals to make it. But now, the prediction is...Royals in 7. Boom!

For more predictions based on math, click here.

We are gonna party like it's 1985!

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