Thursday, March 5, 2015

Krishon: The Man With The Plan

Krishon is always on the move...helping others.

At the STEAM Studio, we expect and pray for helpful, motivated and professional volunteers. When I say pray, I mean it. We service kids, K-8 who demand and need our undivided attention. We are specialized in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics. These volunteers just don't fall from the sky...

Or do they?

Let's be honest, as much as I enjoy teaching kids that come through the STEAM Studio and as much as I hope they enjoy being there, they aren't there to see me. They are there to have fun and learn, through hands on activities in the wide open spaces which inspire them to design, create, and evolve their ideas and projects. These kids love working with high school and college students because these relationships are unique and exciting to them.

About two months ago, I had contacted Brandon Jones, a friend and teacher at Rockhurst High School to interview some potential high school young men who could successfully support and develop the coding, programming, designing and risk taking curriculum at the STEAM Studio with me. But more importantly, be role models, be "men for others" and bring out the best in the future generation.

He connected me with Krishon Harris, a freshman at RHS. I have been in awe at how much sincere effort Krishon has put in with every single student he has worked with during the after school clubs. Beyond his hours at the STEAM Studio, he researches and practices with new technology he knows the group is interested in without me even asking. 

The kids look forward to seeing him each week. He exhibits calm demeanor when there are technical issues and many questions, and responds thoughtfully to everyone. If he doesn't know the answer he figures it!

This is Krishon-here is his plan for helping others.

How I Got Here
"I am so interested in technology because technology is always there to fix problems or give assistance, even if not necessary. I'm young, so I am always fixing technology, which has helped me become interested in tech."

Paying it Forward
I like that when volunteering at STEAM Studio I get to help kids learn stuff that I had to figure out myself through trial and error as a child. 

You Rang?
At the Rockhurst High School Tech Desk, I help students with their iPads, meaning if any problems arise, I help figure them figure it out. I also read and experiment with the iMacs during free times. I am most advanced in handheld devices, identifying computer parts, and troubleshooting Windows and Mac computers. I have no experience in computer engineering but have read enough to be able to figure out. 

Straight Talk: I Don't Know It All.. ( what kid in high school admits that?)
I have yet to learn a coding language and therefore coding is definitely a category I am learning more about. I predict that in the future, teachers will use technology to have lessons and videos  to help students outside of school and students can help each other.

Krishon is the real deal, the type of volunteer and role model you hope to appear in your organization. He doesn't fly by the seat of his pants, he always has a plan to help others. He motivates the kids he works with to soar and see their potential as he shows his own. I'm thankful God sent him to the STEAM Studio.

Believe in yourself and you can help others fly!

One of my favorite U2 songs "If God Will Send His Angels" 

U2 ~ "If God Will Send His Angels" '97 by seasonwitch

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