Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Apple's New Wearable: Watch Out!

What do you really want at your fingertips?

I remember when I was in junior high and I got my first Swatch watch, equipped with a guard, and inter-changeable bands to mix and match any outfit. I thought I was so big time. However, I'll never forget my dad saying, "It's rude to keep looking at your watch when you're with others."

Um, whaaat? Obviously, he had not seen THIS watch. This watch was trendy, the latest and greatest. Even though I couldn't really see the actual time through the overlapping rubber guards, I enjoyed looking at it on my wrist and was beyond excited to wear it at all times. It wasn't even digital!

Now we have the Apple Watch.

Anytime, literally, any... time you want to be up and up on what is happening, there it is.

Here is what I can share through recent research and little bit of common sense on why you may want to pass on this arm candy, well, ok, wrist candy...

  • Price: Let's just get down to the question everyone wants to know, how much is this gonna cost me? The prices range from $349 to over $15,000 (that's right not $1,500, but $15K!) Is style that important to you?
  • Style: There are three main styles to choose from, Apple Watch Sport, Apple Watch, and Apple Watch Edition. Obviously the Apple Watch Sport is least expensive. Available in 10 different models with a variety of band colors (white, blue, green, pink and black). The Apple Watch is middle of the road; available in 20 different models including a stainless steel face with options of a sports band, leather or buckle loop, link bracelet or milanese link option in a variety of colors. Lastly, the Apple Watch Edition, the more Rolex version including 8 models with 18 karat gold  also including different choices for band colors which stylishly gives you limitless access.  
  • Access: The options are timeless here. You have 24/7 access to apps. It works very much like your Apple phone. All you have to do is move your wrist and it comes alive. It gives you a small tap when you receive a notification.  Directly on the watch face, you can swipe "up" to view small glances of content you view the most, then swipe "down" to see missed notifications. No need to wind this watch, but you do still have what they call a digital crown which looks like that nob you use to wind.  You can roll the digital crown to see more information you are swiping, zoom in, call on Siri, and view more apps. Force touch is another innovative resource on this phone. It avoids more buttons on the display and allows you to delete messages, end sessions, and navigate to other apps. Will you be one of the masses wearing it?
  • Health: There is a new feature accompanying Apple Watch, called Health Tap. Let's say you are hungry and want a quick ride, not only will your Apple watch (aka, Siri) help you find a special local place like Governor Stumpy's which serves a variety of delicious options, but it can give you nutrition data about what you are consuming.  Health Tap, will also provide you with helpful knowledge from over 68,000 licensed doctors. Other features and apps include the ability to set pill reminders, monitor your heart rate, and track your total body movement as you investigate other aspects of your life.
  • Life: I think back to my dad, who always has this way of saying something that seems so straightforward and simplistic, yet ends up having a bigger meaning. Over the years, we all have been in meetings, where someone was checking their watch, then it migrated to checking their laptop, then their phone and now it's back the watch. When, in all honesty, it would be nice for them to just check out the person they are with!  If you are a person who has self control and you know that you won't be constantly looking at your watch, then do it. Go get that digital wearable!
But, unlike our mobile phones, we can't put THIS watch away. It's on us, tethered to our body,  so unless you take it are connected to everything, except maybe the one you are with.

And, it doesn't have those unforgettable guards like the Swatch watch. Maybe that's what Apple needs to add, guards to keep people from wasting time constantly looking DOWN, and instead... keep them looking UP.

It's yours 4.24.15 (you can pre-order, too). Set your alarm...or not. Are you part of the cure...or the disease?