Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Hating This Whole Election? Shake It Out

Life is completely unpredictable. We have unlimited data, advanced technology and understand the science behind it all, but never know what is really going to happen. It's not the end, it's a new beginning. One that you may or may not want to start. No one has a choice to stay where we are.

That's the beauty and privilege of life.


Life is not always happy. It can be extremely devastating at times, almost too much to bear. But, that's what keeps us growing, breathing life into us to try harder and overcome whatever obstacles we face.  Often times it's someone else, we believe is causing all this unhappiness. We all have or have had bosses, friends, family, co -workers, neighbors who have been impossible to work with, live with or be around.  Many times we don't have the option to just up and quit our jobs, not go to school or move away. That's life.


Maybe you voted for Hillary and are in despair or supporting Trump and are tired of all the political bashing. During this election aftermath, as many are doing, I'm looking at this from my parenting and educator's heart and here are three things I will keep in mind; try my hardest to model and discuss with my students (of all ages) and the children I parent (whether they are biological or not):

  •  Failure is inevitable: Fear of failure is one of the main factors with underachieving children. We want all children to be educated so they can make good judgments, have self confidence and bring about change? Low self esteem does not discriminate across color, gender, culture or economic status. Let them understand and face failures. Whether your families' candidate won or loss there is a lesson here. Some one is always failing, and that someone is going to be you from time to time. It's a lesson, a way to improve and grow. Not to fear but to learn from. When one person or party fails, reassure them, genuinely, that you understand their worry. You are going to want them to do that for you when you fail.

  • Hate is not a way to move forward: You know what hate does? It masks personal insecurities.  Yes, anger is a normal emotion, but it can be a deadly one. While you can't go through life happy 24/7, controlling your anger is what allows you o be happy. Aside from hate causing anxiety and stress, it can also cause heart disease, impair your immune system and lead to strokes.  So who is winning now? The hater or the one being hated? When people want to talk about the election, the candidates, or anything else you may feel passionate about, find ways to calmly explain your viewpoint and have empathy for the other person across from you!  We boast equal rights, except when we don't equally agree with someone. Stop the hate.

  • Social Media is NOT complete truth, EVER: Does anyone believe in compromise anymore, or the middle ground? Social media has turned us into extremists. Politically, personally, professionally, all behind what we call the "echo chamber."  It's fact: people act differently online then in person. Remind your children that what they see, is not always what they get and definitely not always what is real. What is real? Talking WITH others, having a PERSONAL conversation.  We have lost the ability to listen and to give each wait time to understand what we all are truly saying. We wonder why kids can't read or understand? Because often times, adults model this notion of getting half of the information and/or jumping to conclusions and dismissing all other opinions, thoughts and research.
Want to raise a generation and live in a world who aren't quitters? 
Fail and learn from it.

Want to be healthy and live a life you can enjoy and bring change? 
Don't hate.

Want to be a real person who can carry on a conversation with someone who is not like you? 
Stop believing everything you see, read and hear via the media.

What do we do now? Make a plan for ourselves, our families. Whether you voted for Hillary or Donald. This is life. OUR American Life. It will be much better when we can live it together.

Shake It Out..."I like to keep my issues strong....then restart...hard to dance with a devil on your back so shake him off..."  Keep dancing!